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Virtual Miracles by Peter Duffie
Virtual Miracles by Peter Duffie
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Virtual Miracles is a collection of card tricks by some of the best close-up magicians. The contributors are: Jason Alford, Steve Hamilton, Robert Neale, Steve Beam, Pit HartlingJon RacherbaumerDavid BritlandJ. K. Hartman, Dave Robertson, Dave Campbell, Richard James, Robin RobertsonAldo Colombini, Marty Kane, Fred Robinson, Paul W. Cummins, Peter Lamont, Gavin Ross, DarylWalt Lees, Allan Slaight, Peter Duffie, Val Le-Val, Roy Walton, Iain Girdwood, Gene Maze, Gary Ward, Phil Goldstein, George McBride, R. Paul Wilson, Paul Hallas, Peter McLanachan and Andrew Wimhurst.

first edition 2004; 107 pages

  • Sandwich Spread, Jason Alford
  • Remember & Forget, Steve Beam
  • AT003, David Britland
  • Sweet Little Lies, David Britland
  • The last Game, David Britland
  • An Old Bar Bet, David Britland
  • Offworld, David Britland
  • Premonition, Dave Campbell
  • Ricochet, Dave Campbell
  • Jump and Pass, Aldo Colombini
  • Twin Expedition, Aldo Colombini
  • Phone Home, Paul W. Cummins
  • Universal, Daryl
  • Packet Switch, Peter Duffie
  • The Topless Bottomless etc..., Peter Duffie
  • Gerrymandering Threes, Iain Girdwood
  • Forked Tongue, Phil Goldstein
  • Easy Number, Paul Hallas
  • Stressed Out Card, Steve Hamilton
  • A New Twist, Steve Hamilton
  • The Three Musketeers, Pit Hartling
  • Sham on You (Too!), J. K. Hartman
  • Jack Trapped (Duplicate Card), Richard James
  • Jack Trapped (Non-Duplicate), Richard James
  • The Jack Queen King Ace Trick, Marty Kane
  • A False Solution, Peter Lamont
  • Royal Ace Cut, Walt Lees
  • "X" Marks the Spot, Val Le-Val
  • Snoz!, Val Le-Val
  • Peeping "Tom", Gene Maze
  • World's Greatest Sponge Ball Routine!, Gene Maze
  • Countdown Location, George McBride
  • Home to Roost, George McBride
  • Queen Piece, Peter McLanachan
  • Who Is this Woman?, Robert Neale
  • Tick-Tock Dot Doc, Jon Racherbaumer
  • Misdirection Replacement, Dave Robertson
  • Aldo Colombini's "Chance" Revisited, Robin Robertson
  • Double Lucky, Robin Robertson
  • Fred Robinson's Blackjack Stack, Fred Robinson
  • Poker, Rummy & Bridge, Fred Robinson
  • On My Way Up, Gavin Ross
  • Castor & Pollux, Allan Slaight
  • Cardputer, Roy Walton
  • Countdown Mates, Gary Ward
  • Another Countdown, Gary Ward
  • Diminished Responsibility, R. Paul Wilson
  • The Omniscient Queen, R. Paul Wilson
  • Whispering Henry's Triumph, Andrew Wimhurst



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