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The Luck Of The Draw Q & A by Anthem and Aria Flint
The Luck Of The Draw Q & A by Anthem and Aria Flint
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NEW The Luck Of The Draw Q&A by Anthem and Aria

Dive into a revolutionary new release that's set to redefine the art of Q&A acts for magicians and mentalists worldwide. Crafted from over a decade of real-world experience and innovation, this act is your key to unlocking a performance so deceptive, so engaging, and so mystifying that your audience will be left in sheer amazement.

This act isn't just a performance; it's a journey into the essence of human curiosity, creativity, and connection.

Before the show even begins, each audience member is given the chance to pour their imagination onto blank cards, creating drawings that are as unique as their creators.

These pieces of art, symbols of personal expression, become the keys to unlocking the mystery of their future. As the performer, you gather these cards and hand 5 piles of drawings to five people. Each person is instructed to mix these drawings, ensuring an aura of unpredictability and anticipation.

With the cards shuffled in the hands of the audience, each participant focuses on one drawing in their possession. Here, through what appears to be telepathy, you reveal each selected drawing accurately, leaving the audience in awe. But this, as they will soon find out, is merely the beginning.

The true marvel unfolds when you call upon the artists of the randomly selected drawings. One by one, you delve deeper, revealing not just names, birthdays, and unique personal details but also answering their unspoken questions about the future.

The drawings under your guidance, become a mystical oracle and tarot deck, unveiling destinies and weaving a tapestry of fate right before their eyes. Each drawing revealing details about the artist and their destiny.

Leaving no trace of method, the audience will invariably remember this act for years to come and be left with only one conclusion. "It must be real!"


"The Luck Of The Draw Q&A" is not just an act; it's a testament to the power of mentalism, a celebration of the human spirit's quest for knowledge and the unseen threads that connect us all. Anthem Flint, through a decade of refinement and real-world application alongside Aria, has crafted an experience that transcends the traditional boundaries of Q&A acts. This is your opportunity to not just perform but to astonish, to not just entertain but to provide profound, personalized insights that will be remembered long after the curtain falls.

Are you ready to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, to challenge perceptions, and to leave your audience spellbound? "The Luck Of The Draw Q&A" awaits.

**Why This Is A Game-Changer:**

- **Innovative Methodology:** Discover a Q&A act with layers and layers of deception designed to fool even the most discerning eyes.

- **Interactive and Engaging:** Watch as the audience becomes a part of the act, with their own drawings becoming the focal point of fortune telling fun and a telepathic revelation that warms up the crowd for the astonishing revelations to come.

- **Personalized Revelations:** Delve deep into the personal details of your participants, from names and birthdays to their questions about the future, all revealed with stunning accuracy and a touch of personal connection.

**What You Get:**

- **Comprehensive Instruction:** Hours of video and PowerPoint slides guide you through every nuance of this intricate act, from setup to execution.

- **Real-World Tested:** Anthem and Aria's decade of experience is distilled into an act that's proven to captivate audiences across any venue, whether it be theatre, parlor, or any intimate setting.

- **Massive Resource Library:** Benefit from 200 real-world questions for practice, alongside performance videos that showcase the evolution and impact of this act over the years. Also included are billet designs and a list of recommended resources.

**For Whom Is This Designed?**

- **Experienced Performers:** Tailored for the discerning mentalist or magician looking for an act that packs small but plays HUGE emotionally, offering a blend of entertainment, mystification, and emotional connection with the audience.

- **Theatrical Artisans:** Ideal for performers in theatre and parlor environments seeking to add a robust, fooling, and innovative act to their repertoire.

**Your Investment:**

For just $60, **The Luck Of The Draw Q&A** is not just an act; it's an investment into elevating your mentalism performance to a level of unparalleled depth and intrigue. You're not just buying a trick; you're acquiring a decade of Anthem and Aria's groundbreaking work, packed into an act that promises to be the most deceptive, engaging, and memorable you've ever performed.

**Don't Miss Out:**

Join Anthem Flint, a pioneer in the world of mentalism, and his partner Aria as they unveil their most ambitious work yet. **The Luck Of The Draw Q&A** is more than an act; it's a testament to the power of mentalism to connect, mystify, and entertain audiences on a deeply personal level.

Order now and transform your mentalism performances into unforgettable experiences.

What do people think of Anthem and Aria's previous releases?

"Q&A is not just an effect, but a full act and experience for your audience that combines telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition in unique ways. We can truly tap the fabric of the archetype of the original delphic oracle with a powerful Q&A experience. Anthem & Aria are natural intuitives that can share with you important principles and wisdom from their deep study and experience. Thanks for this amazing new source of inspiration and insights!" -Pablo Amira

"I've known Anthem and Aria for a long time. Their teachings on mentalism and especially Q&A is something that you don't want to miss! Fresh and powerful ideas that packs a punch!" -Luca Volpe

"Anthem's creativity has inspired shift after shift in my perception of magic. Real world practical thinking on surreal effects for your audience. Anything he has to share is worth its weight in gold." -Sebastian Midtvaage

"If I had to use only one word to describe Anthem's Close Up Q&A, I would say 'Masterful'!" -Tony Razzano

"Anthem and Aria have the knowledge and experience to give you solid advice on audience reading and Q&A." -Jeff McBride (Creator of McBride's Magic and Mystery School)

"I've known Anthem for many years, as long as I have known him he has always shown a keen interest in anything Q&A related. I have never met anyone who has experimented and discovered as much to do with Q&A as Anthem. He has a real wealth of knowledge and has tested each and every one of his systems in the real world.
If you're interested in learning from someone who knows, don’t pass this up." -Peter Turner

"Anthem is a dynamite mentalist. He is cutting edge, engaging, and thinks about his mentalism intricately. He is a master of the story and woven word. A real world pro that delivers heavy hitting Mentalism." -Peter Turner




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