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The Hypnotic Agreement System by Igor Ledochowski
The Hypnotic Agreement System by Igor Ledochowski
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The Hypnotic Agreement System by Igor Ledochowski

Right now you’ve probably got someone in your life who never seems to do what you want them to do.

Perhaps you’ve got a dismissive boss who never takes your ideas seriously… an annoying client who’s avoiding your call… or a child who never seems to listen to your advice.

You’ve tried everything – reasoning, logic, persuasion, arguing your points in writing, and maybe even pleading or indicating a favor in return. It hasn’t worked. And it’s driving you nuts with frustration.

So What’s The Real Problem

You’re Not Aware Of Yet?

It’s this:

It’s hard (often impossible) to change someone’s mind. It’s much easier to change someone’s mood.

And when their mood becomes more “spacious” they are much more likely to listen to, respect and agree to your ideas and suggestions.

The point?

Instead Of Trying To Change Someone’s Mind, Start Out By Changing Their Mood.

Good NewsThe Good News Is:

I’m going to show you how to use 4 principles of hypnotic influence to first change someone’s mood and then change their mind. And when you can do that…

You’ll be able to get reluctant work colleagues (including your boss) to readily agree with and support an idea you put forward…

You’ll be able to get your spouse or life partner to always acts more warm and loving toward you…

And you’ll be able to get your kids (including unruly, rebellious teenagers) to gladly “fall into line” with your requests…

All that (and more) becomes possible for you when you go through the

quick and easy video training system I’ve put together called:

“The Hypnotic Agreement System”

How can I be so sure you’ll get more agreements with “The Hypnotic Agreement System”?

Well, in order to answer that, I guess I should tell you a little more about me…

You may already know that I started out my career as a corporate lawyer where to get ahead I developed the rudimentary format of my Hypnotic Agreement System.

Let’s just say my Hypnotic Agreement System worked extremely well for me in the highly competitive dog-eat-dog corporate world.

So, equipped with my Hypnotic Agreement System I decided to go out alone and set myself up as an Executive Coach.

In my role as an Executive Coach I quickly got Fortune 500 companies to say `yes’ to me – (they hired and paid me substantial fees to develop winning presentations – and those presentations based on my Hypnotic Agreement System resulted in my Fortune 500 clients getting a lot of lucrative business they wouldn’t have got otherwise).

And today?

Well today, I now dedicate my time and resources to helping people (people that are interested like you) into how to use my now refined and improved Hypnotic Agreement System to get virtually anyone to want to agree to your ideas and suggestions and take action accordingly.

So I have proof (from my own life and the feedback from my students) that the 4 principles of “The Hypnotic Agreement System” can be used in your normal everyday conversations. In-person, as well as over the telephone.

See, when you use the 4 principles of “The Hypnotic

Agreement System” – (in the way I’m going to teach and

demonstrate to you) – the person (or group of people)

you are conversing with…

Will Feel An Inexplicable Need And

Overriding Compulsion To Agree With

Your Ideas And Suggestions!

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