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FLICK-IT by Manuel Seminario & Twister Magic
FLICK-IT by Manuel Seminario & Twister Magic
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Manuel Seminario is a young and talented Peruvian magician; he has performed multiple times throughout his career and has specialized himself in creating powerful and deceptive gimmicks.

Manuel presents us his first magic creation Flick-It, a very visual and versatile magic gimmick that is not only a trick, but a powerful switching device that allows you to switch any written post-it for another one in a blink of an eye, you can do it in a flashy visual way, or in a discrete and hidden way, you choose!

Multiple effects can be accomplished, switching for example one word for another, make a drawing move or animate, transform a phrase or message into a different one, you can also transform a message into a three-dimensional object, such as a card, a bill, a chewing gum or other things! Best of all, it resets in seconds and at the end, the post-it is handed for fully examination!

The perfect EDC trick and gimmick for your close-up magic, parlor presentations and even mentalism shows, a natural and organic item that is very portable, also ideal for generating viral videos that impact your networks, Instagram, Tiktok and many others!


Many effects are possible with Flick-It, we give you here some really cool ideas to do, but the limit is basically your imagination!

1. Card to Card:
The magician asks someone to select a playing card. Then the magician concentrates and tries to read his mind and decide to write a card in a post-it a card, when the post it is shown is not the selected card. No worries, now he flicks the post-it pad and in a blink of an eye the written card morphs into the selected one.

2. Appearing Bill:
The magician draws in a post-it a piece a dollar sign, now he flicks the post-it pad and the written dollar sign transforms into real dollar bill. The perfect way to get instant cash!

3. Appearing Card:
The magician asks someone to select a playing card. Then he draws in a post-it a playing card, and yes, it is the selected card, but wait there's more! Now he flicks the post-it pad and the written word transforms into a real playing card. This can also be done with an spectator's signed card.

4. Morphing Sticks:
The magician shows different cards with different objects, an spectator selects one, now the magician concentrates and tries to guess the selected object by drawing it into a post-it note, when the magician shows what he drew, it seems to be a lot of sticks facing various directions with no too much sense, although, the magician now snap the Flick-It pad and in a very visual way all those sticks forms together the drawing of the object selected: a boat, car, toy, puppet, etc, etc.

5. Joke to Card:
The magician asks someone to select a playing card. Then the magician announces that he is going to write the spectators card in the post it by saying: "I am going to write in here... YOUR CARD" and that is exactly what he does, by showing that the post-it is says: YOUR CARD, the spectators laugh, but now the magician take this one step further and by snapping the Flick-It pad, the post-it instantly morphs into the selected card.

6. The Adding Pad:
Perform a classic of mentalism by switching in the most natural way four numbers of four digits each wrote by the spectators, to add them into a final number, that incredibly matches your previous prediction.

7. Appearing Bubble Gum:
The magician draws in a post-it a rectangle and writes on the side bubble gum or simply gum, now he flicks the post-it pad and the written word transforms into a real bubble gum strip.

8. Morphing Dots:
Like in the old days, you write a lot of dots in a post it and with a magic flick they all align perfect into a new word, name or drawing.

9. Materialization:
The magician asks someone to select a playing card. Now he grabs his Flick-It pad and makes one post it to appeared draw with the selected card.

10. Spirit Slates:
A modern way to perform mentalism routines, instead of using the spirit slates you can now use Flick-It to achieve these incredible effects.

These are just a few of the great ideas and tricks you will be able to perform with Flick-It, the limit is your imagination!


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