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Astonishing Essays Complete Set
Astonishing Essays Complete Set
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In early 2019, to celebrate our 10-year anniversary as a company, we launched an ambitious three-year project centered around our commitment to helping you become a better magician. Now, as this project comes to an end, we are commemorating this incredible endeavor by making the entire 10-ebook collection available in one set for the first time ever.

Astonishing Essays are small, attractive books that challenge how you think about and approach magic. We partnered with some of the finest thinkers in our industry to discuss the topics they are most passionate about.

There is no fluff in any of these essays. Each book was designed to be read in one sitting. They are meatier than a blog article but shorter than a full book. Yet, that has no bearing on the value of the content. Anyone who reads all 10 essays will undoubtedly walk away a better magician.

The response to our Astonishing Essays project was incredible. We are definitely bittersweet that it is coming to an end. But, we are thrilled to celebrate it with this special box set featuring all 10 Astonishing Essays. It’s essentially like a 10-step program to becoming the best possible magician you can be.


Included in "Astonishing Essays Complete Set (Vol. 1- 10)"

1. Evergreen by Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen’s first book written exclusively for magicians explores how he developed his Millionaire’s Magician persona and one of the best magic shows in NYC. It is a must-read for anyone looking to create their own magic show.

2. The A,B, Z’s of Magic by Rob Zabrecky

This remarkable essay is a mini masterclass in character development from Rob Zabrecky, one of the most entertaining and unique magicians in the world. Originally created as part of Zabrecky’s award-winning lecture program, this essay is essential reading on the performance of magic.

3. Diary of a Prison Magician

This captivating tale is about a prison inmate that uses magic as his way of coping with a life sentence. He speaks about doing magic "on the inside" and the unthinkable obstacles of performing magic in such a hostile environment. It is both touching and fun, and also speaks to the enduring power of magic for audiences and magicians alike.

4. Dying to Change by Dr. Lawrence Hass

While many magic books talk about card tricks and sleight-of-hand moves, Dying to Change focuses on the idea of magic as entertainment. Dr. Lawrence Hass, who left his job as a tenured professor to create a thriving full-time magic business, dives into what it takes to perform magic successfully and the impact it can have on our lives.

5. The Trickster Spirit by Robert E. Neale

A humorous and deeply insightful essay that asks us to strongly reconsider the role of a magician in modern society. This piece offers a challenging adventure about magic and death that will leave you with a new view of our unique art.

6. Focusing on Magic by Andi Gladwin

Vanishing Inc. Cofounder Andi Gladwin examines the proper way to learn and perform magic. Building on insights from more than two decades of learning magic, he offers a methodical and easy-to-follow method for becoming a better student of magic.

7. Finding the Spotlight by Tina Lenert

This personal and uplifting essay is brought to you by one of the most beloved stage magicians in the world. Through tales of her own inspirational journey and never-ending quest for excellence, Tina offers invaluable advice for developing a character and adding authenticity to your act.

8. The Conjuror’s Conundrum by Jamy Ian Swiss

Beyond being one of the most respected authors and historians in magic, Jamy Ian Swiss has also been an activist for scientific skepticism for nearly four decades. In this page-turning essay, Jamy explores the relationship between magic and science, sharing enthralling tales of challenging fake psychics and committing to a life of being an “honest liar”. This alluring journey through history explores the important, albeit ironic, role magicians play in protecting others from being deceived by frauds.

9. Get Outta My Way, I’m Going to Hell by John Lovick

This essay is unlike any other in magic. Instead of exploring multiple tricks or theories, John Lovick offers a deep, critical analysis on one remarkable piece called “Quote of the Day” by Penn & Teller. Putting this showstopping routine under the microscope, Lovick explores every detail, highlighting how even the smallest decisions play a role in the greater whole. It is bursting with lessons that any magician can use to improve their own work.

10. Magic by the Numbers by Joshua Jay

The final contribution to the Astonishing Essay series comes from Vanishing Inc. Cofounder Joshua Jay. It offers a deep exploration of a first-of-its-kind research study that Joshua commissioned to understand how lay audiences view magic. Nearly 10 years later, Joshua revisits the original results, adding previously-unpublished information and exploring how this information has evolved for modern magicians. It is an inspirational and thought-provoking read that will empower you to be a better magician.



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